Exclusive: Epon 213 ST 56° Wedge w/ Tour Concept Shaft & No.1 Japanese Grip

This web site is of course primarily dedicated to Miura golf clubs and products, however an interesting thing occurred the other day that I thought worth sharing with you.

A longtime customer, TJ, who I have built several sets of Miura’s for as well as his Royal Collection woods was by the shop the other day to have one of his Miura iron sets re-gripped as well as 2 of his woods. I happened to mention that we also sell Epon and TJ - being a golfer who appreciates the finer things in life - took a look at their website and was so impressed by what he saw that he ordered a Wedge from me on the spot! So... we'll be launching a new website for Epon products later this month :)

This Epon 213 STX 56 Wedge was built with a Tour Concept .355 S Wedge Shaft at ¾” over which is where he plays his irons. I used a premium Japanese No. 1 Grip Model 48 Red logo down so that it wouldn't interfere with his line of sign when getting into position. What I really liked about the grip was the white is more of a cream color so its not super bright and it gives it a real vintage look. This grip is not available on the site yet but is available by special request.


The wedge is a beautifully sculpted master piece that reminds me somewhat of a piece of polished Italian art, with a super futuristic look jumping from satin to high polish to a brushed finish on the back for elegance and a straight serious face that means all business at address of a shot peen over the score lines surrounded by satin.

This wedge is bigger than any of the Miura wedges and has more offset. Epon also makes a 210 KGX which has less off set, more like a Miura, and the XL 45 which has more off set than does the 213 STX. Speaking of off set, just to give you a comparison, if you address the ball and look down the shaft, the center line of the shaft would appear to intersect the 2nd or 3rd score line up from the bottom on the Miura, whereas on the Epon it would appear to intersect the 1st score line.

Some additional features:

The hosel bore is threaded which allows for more epoxy coverage which creates a stronger bond between head and shaft and it has an engraved serial number to insure it’s genuine:


It comes shrink wrapped with a sticker on the face indicating the spec gram weight as well as actual gram weight, this sticker indicated spec was 300.5 grams, and actual was 299.7 grams which is +/- 8/10 of a gram, for those of you that don’t know that is a very tight and acceptable weight tolerance.


I had a Miura K Grind 52 degree on my bench I built at the same time I built this Epon wedge and took some measurements with the calipers to share with those that are interested in such things, here they are

  • Score line length on the lower score line of the Miura 54.56 mm = 2.151”
  • On the Epon the same.
  • Height of the toe on the Miura at the edge of the score line 58.52 mm = 2.304”
  • On the Epon  62.84 mm = 2.47”
  • Sole width in the center on the Miura 20.64 mm = 0.812”
  • On the Epon 22.47 mm = .884

Even though the sole is a bit wider on the Epon, the last bit of trailing edge does have a nice grind on it which measures 4.62 mm = 0.182" which effectively gives it a sole turf contact width of 17.85 mm = 0.182" which is the same as the Miura.

Most all Epon products are currently available even though we haven’t launched the site yet. For pricing on Epon or Miura call me directly at 714-585-5551.

Until next time,


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