1957 K-Grind Wedges

The Miura K-Grind Wedges are one of the most unique heads ever made with their signature "knuckles" that are ground into the sole and they are strikingly beautiful. Miura talks about how these three knuckles reduce the resistance of sand or grass to allow you to more freely accelerate through the ball at impact which is all true, but what I have discovered is that if your in the rough that these same knuckles help you on take away.
I was taught that a good swing involves three simple things on the "take away": Low, Slow, and Under Control. It's served me well over the years, but in the rough it can be problematic.The fluted sole or knuckles of the K Grind wedges helps prevent the club from snagging on take away. The wedge just moves through easily on the downswing with less material to drag or snag. This is similar to some of the "railer" fairway woods of the past. 

    • Better results out of wet sand.
    • Reduces the odds of “catching it heavy” on long bunker shots.
    • Better acceleration on ½ and ¼ swings around the green.
    • Digs it out of deep rough.
    • Works great in normal conditions with the same feel and performance for which Miura wedges are known