1957 Series CB57 Cavity Back


The Miura 1957 Series CB57 Cavity Backs have a very pleasing head size, I would say mid size, certainly not big looking, but not super compact, really just right. They are just a wee bit smaller than the CB-501's that KJ Choi won the Players Championship with - please don't think these are not a true players heads, these are super clean looking blades at address with the top line measuring just 6.67 mm or 0.25 “ in width.


The weight bar these are known for is the bar that creates the "muscle" in the back cavity and it extends from the sole to the top on the 5-PW but on the 3 and 4 irons there is a 3.75 mm or 0.15” gap where the weight bar or muscle comes up short of the top line. The weight bar lowers the center of gravity making them easier to get those high soaring shots you seek.


The sole is ever so slightly radiused from toe to heel allowing for a nice set up regardless if the ball is above or below your feet at address. It also features a unique D Grind on the leading edge which helps it from digging in if you hit a bit steep, or are playing in wet conditions.


Material: Mild steel
Process: Precision forging plus hand grinding and polishing at Miura’s own forge and factory in Himeji, Japan
Finish: W nickel (satin) chrome